La Atlántida: Theater, Auditorium and Music School, Vic

The building delimits the old part of the city of Vic and the new part. The building contains a communication of passers-by central where the accesses are produced, which also works as a street more than the old city of Vic. This arterial space is also used to delimit the different uses of the complex: Theater, Auditorium, Music School and Conservatory. The roof and facades unify the building and integrate it into the environment, freeing a large urban park space in relation to the Meder River.

  • Client: Ayuntamiento de Vic
  • Approx. budget: 30.000.000 €
  • Area: 13.610 m²
  • In collaboration with: Josep Llinás y Josep Llobet
  • Contest: First prize 2006
  • Date: 2010